July 26, 2018

Not a beauty expert, but I love a good face cream.

The title speaks for itself. I’ve always been a pretty low-maintenance kind of gal when it comes to skin care and makeup. SPF has always been my best friend and so has a round up of moisturizers due to my Rosacea (which has gotten better throughout the years).

I wear little to no makeup on the daily, except for maybe tinted moisturizer with SPF + mascara. I let my freckles do the power work for me…..and….I love a good monthly facial. That’s about it for my skin care regimen, but here are the products that I’ve been sticking to the last couple of months and *loving*. On top of all of these skincare, I occasionally would go get a facial treatment and have microdermabrasion in mooresville. It really helps my skin tone and keeps me young,

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme (Day) & Nightwear Plus (Night, Obviously) – My daily go-tos.

Clinique Moisture Surge (Daytime) – I use this when my skin is feeling a little dry or blah when I wake up in the morning. I also love to use this after a day in the sun. Frankly speaking, when I need to get rid of sun damage signs I usually visit TouchUpLaser for Photofacial. This is the best treatment I can give my skin.

Valjean Labs GLOW Serum – I’ve been using this serum a lot this summer right after washing my face + before applying moisturizer for a little pep in my glow.

Murad AHA/BHA Cleanser – I’m almost out of this stuff, definitely need to restock. It’s an exfoliating cleanser that my facialist recommended and it really feels great on my skin, not intense.

Murad Acne Clearing Solution – for those rough days of mini breakouts, thanks hormones! This helps relieve the blemishes and I usually see results within 1-3 days. This stuff is awesome.

Murad Perfecting Day Cream – I don’t leave home without it. I actually pack it up in my bag to make sure I always have my dose of SPF with me.

July 24, 2018


it’s obviously been a while since I’ve put together a round up of “looks i’m craving” for the blog, but it doesn’t mean i’ve been out of touch with putting together outfits. it’s what I do on a weekly basis: for a personal client, editorial shoot or brand campaign.

what really excites me for styling is nailing the look – especially at an unbeatable price – and making the person wearing it feel good. there’s nothing greater than hearing “wow, I had no idea I could put that together and for that price.” it’s so fulfilling.

so i’m back at it again bringing together three of my favorite kind of summer looks at the moment and all under $100 each. you can’t go wrong with maximizing your benjamins.

here are the deets.


made a “simple” look of a white top and jeans POP with color and texture

crop top | jeans | tortoise hoops | plastic shopper | yellow sandals



Beach ready babe with this tropical get up!

cherry earrings | gingham bikini top & bottom | moroccan fringe hat (available for $40-50)


ps- added a little bonus beach bag in there. it’s on sale for $22!


Everyone needs a look that can go from day to night. It’s essential when you’re an on the go gal and get a last minute invite for drinks with friends. I’ve chosen a mini backpack because it’s casual enough to wear during the day and hold from it’s top strap at night, like a purse.

mini dress | hoop earrings | croc mini backpack | lace up heels | sneakers


comment below with events or things you’ll be attending where you’d like to see what outfits to put together for under $100! x



July 23, 2018


The thought of this new title and role is quite petrifying. but oddly exciting. if you know me, i love a challenge…. but I also love structure, organization and “orden” (like my cuban grandparents would call it).

I don’t think that “mom of two” is my new role in life. It’s not the definition of who I am, rather it’s a part of who I am. 

There are a lot of things that have crossed my mind and have been really heavy on my heart these past nine months leading up to this moment. Hormones….you’ve got the best of me some days.

Things like juggling my business and keeping my sanity. Being mentally and emotionally available to Adrian. Transitioning Axel into big brotherhood – which honestly, his recent obsession with babies and giving my belly kisses must be God telling me “hey, it’s going to be ok.”

It’s a lot – going into the unknown. Add mom guilt into that mix and oof, you’re basically toast. It attacks at your heart and makes you doubt your strength and purpose.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research, soul searching, business prepping and deep cleaning my home getting ready for Ander’s arrival. But really, nothing else is going to prepare me best than to just take a step back and rest. I have had to force my self these last few weeks to be still and enjoy the ride I’ve been chosen for.

So, I find my self here….*resting* and picking up again on an old love of mine, this blog. Maybe this is what will help me keep my sanity and spruce up some creative energy. Am I crazy? I must be. But who cares, it’s me. That’s all that really matters.


what i’m wearing:

vintage dress (similar favorites below) | lack of color hat | hoop earrings (I bought a handful of this set and they are my go-to earrings always!)

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axel’s wearing:

navy jogger pants (similar)


November 11, 2017


The look in the sky and the feel of the air has already changed, you can tell *fall* is here. As November has quickly arrived, to say the least…I sit here in my bed thinking about the year behind me. This time of the year brings on a lot of reflection and goal setting for the new year.

It’s 2am right now and me being awake is a rare sight. But, there was just something inside me that woke me up and pushed me to be a bit vulnerable here on my blog. It’s been months since I’ve logged in and updated my site, but it is such a great relief to note these feelings down. I miss being on here…

When I closed the store in January, I’ll be honest – I cried a lot. A combination of fear of the unknown mixed with a lot of self doubt and worry. Even though I wasn’t walking into the dark with nothing ahead of me, I saw it as yet another big change in my life and it put me through this spiral of emotions I didn’t know when I’d come out of it. I wondered if I could be successful, happy, and strong enough to break barriers and set myself apart from the rest. Fear can be such an ugly thing. But, I was able to push through (thank God) and looking back at it now it was a great resting period for me to shed some emotional and physical baggage before entering a new adventure. And really, just rely on God and what he was calling me to.

I was able to come into this new-er role with a clear mind, new concepts and ideas, overwhelming creative inspiration, and a whole lotta faith.

It reminds me of a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphis. A caterpillar, born small, needing to feed quickly in order to grow as much as it can – but, still without wings. Yet once it goes into its cocoon phase, the intense transformation it goes through is miraculous and, if lucky, results in a beautiful butterfly.

A lot of transformation and obstacles have happened this year, but so have a lot of blessings and opportunities too. I believe I have my wings now and into a really good groove. I know that can come off as really cliche, but I’m really happy where I’m at right now. Am i content? Never. I’m always hungry for more. But am I happy? Incredibly and really looking forward to the holidays. My favorite time of the year.

Side note: for those of you who don’t know what I’m up to these days – I’ve transitioned Spin Gallery from it’s pop-up retail days to a content creation agency. We work with multiple brands on their overall creative direction, social media strategy, brand personality and identity (and more). On our free time, when we’re not creating content for these brands – we get to have some extra fun and build our personal portfolio.

All photos in this post are from a recent shoot I did for Spin Gallery | You can see more of what I’ve been up to on our instagram page @SpinGallery or our website, SpinGallery.com

Outfit details: Sweater, Pants, Boots all from H&M.

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June 23, 2017

Summer Ready with dbrie

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

there’s something about star prints that get you ready for summer. the instant feeling of being at the beach, late night bbq with your friends. and of course, fourth of july.

shop my summer time look: hat x swimsuit (check out dbrie’s other star print options, here)

towel & sunnies are old school Spin Gallery