July 23, 2018


The thought of this new title and role is quite petrifying. but oddly exciting. if you know me, i love a challenge…. but I also love structure, organization and “orden” (like my cuban grandparents would call it).

I don’t think that “mom of two” is my new role in life. It’s not the definition of who I am, rather it’s a part of who I am. 

There are a lot of things that have crossed my mind and have been really heavy on my heart these past nine months leading up to this moment. Hormones….you’ve got the best of me some days.

Things like juggling my business and keeping my sanity. Being mentally and emotionally available to Adrian. Transitioning Axel into big brotherhood – which honestly, his recent obsession with babies and giving my belly kisses must be God telling me “hey, it’s going to be ok.”

It’s a lot – going into the unknown. Add mom guilt into that mix and oof, you’re basically toast. It attacks at your heart and makes you doubt your strength and purpose.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading and research, soul searching, business prepping and deep cleaning my home getting ready for Ander’s arrival. But really, nothing else is going to prepare me best than to just take a step back and rest. I have had to force my self these last few weeks to be still and enjoy the ride I’ve been chosen for.

So, I find my self here….*resting* and picking up again on an old love of mine, this blog. Maybe this is what will help me keep my sanity and spruce up some creative energy. Am I crazy? I must be. But who cares, it’s me. That’s all that really matters.


what i’m wearing:

vintage dress (similar favorites below) | lack of color hat | hoop earrings (I bought a handful of this set and they are my go-to earrings always!)

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axel’s wearing:

navy jogger pants (similar)


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