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March 7, 2014

Wedding Week: Favorite Moments

To say that I have “favorite moments” is pretty hard to pin…because really, the whole night was my favorite. But there are certain things that just made my smile even bigger. You know, it’s the little things that usually get you..and most of these moments were some of the behind the scenes/ “little things” throughout the day.

For example, finally arriving to the Cooper Estate. My nerves kicked in high gear, I couldn’t stop pacing….while rushing to get ready. I was nervous, but out of pure excitement. My arrival meant two things. 1) This is so real right now, I can’t believe I’m here. 2) I’m about to see Adrian in just a few minutes…IMSOEXCITEDOHMYGOODNESS. Seriously, that’s what was going through my head.. silly.


Adrian and I decided to go for a First Look – for the benefit of some alone time before the night’s festivities to calm our nerves and be together – we also wanted to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour and socialize with all our guests. We are also photo freaks, so choosing a first look was heaven for Shea because it only meant grabbing the best lighting ever for all our portraits.

First Look isn’t for everyone. I had always been anti-first look because I always wanted to get the “Groom is crying” picture while I’d be walking in…but I was promised that feeling would still be as overwhelming after a first look. Plus, I really wanted that element of surprise. But with seeing Adrian before, I was able to go through all those experiences together, in a more intimate and private manner….and still got it during the ceremony. I’m so thankful for Kasey (our wedding coordinator) winning me over on this idea.


Is it ok if I put all the portrait and ceremony pictures? Cause they’re all my favorite…. haha


Whenever there’s an accomplishment, whether big or small…Adrian and I always make a way to celebrate, with a toast. I guess it’s the winos in us. But I always say there’s always a reason to celebrate…and to celebrate with champagne.

We purchased a special bottle for just the two of us, as this the greatest accomplishment in our lives thus far. We stepped outside, sat on a bench while everyone started to make their way into the reception. It was relaxing and perfect.


Being formally introduced as Mr & Mrs Artidiello…..AWESOME!!!!!


Our first dance. We laughed, we just gazed at each other, we kissed…I sang…it was romantic, because it was us

I always tried to picture what our first dance would look like. Even our dances with our Dad and Mom. It was so organic and filled with joy. I love looking back at all the pictures. Shea caught all our emotions more than anything.


My Dad’s Speech.


The Sparkler Send Off!

There are obviously so many other special memories that fill this night, but too many to fill in one post…cause that would only mean I’d have to put ALL the pictures.

I’m hoping you enjoyed all the photos from our wedding and getting into all the details with me. I’m hoping to have inspired many and put smiles on faces. This was an important part of our lives and I’m elated to have shared this with all of you to see.

That’s it…for now. I can’t wait until we receive our Wedding Video!


Photography by Shea Christine

Wedding Coordination by Kasey D Weddings

Location by The Cooper Estate

Dress by Rosa Clara

March 3, 2014

Wedding Week: Our Look

I’ve been so flattered by all of the interest in our wedding and I’m so excited to be sharing with everyone a few of the moments that made up our special day. I’ll be covering all details this week including all links to vendors hired & certain tips and tricks I know you’ll be wanting. This was the most amazing day in my life and I can’t stop smiling going back and reliving these moments (I seriously wish I can do it all over again).

It was a perfect day in February, where the weather was crisp and cool and the happiness radiated in all places.

Our photographer, Shea Christine, captured this day in better ways that we could ever imagine. She’s a dream to work with and I hope to be able to work with her again. I’m already planning and scheming a way to make it happen, ha! Learn more about this unforgettable event!

There are so many amazing pictures, you can only imagine how difficult it is for Adrian and I to choose a specific amount to not overwhelm you. Hope you enjoy!





(my something blue)








(my nail polish is by Orly “Pure Porcelain”)


(the dress and veil were made up of tiny beads & rhinestones. so intricate and delicate.)













(oh, that smile…)

Location, Location, Location. This was a back and forth for Adrian and I because we wanted something that didn’t resemble “Miami” too much – in the sense that it wasn’t a beach or hotel venue. We wanted something rustic, forest-y and Mediterranean…aka…what reminded us of Spain (where he proposed!). We visited a few venues but after finding out about The Cooper Estate in Homestead, Fl – it was a dream come true. Wait until you see what’s coming this week to understand my feelings for this location.

Dress shopping for me did not take long, at all. I didn’t even wait to know where our wedding would be, I always knew the type of dress I’d want to be wearing.  My list of requirements were simple: I wanted to be comfortable – so that I could eat, dance, and breathe and I wanted to feel gorgeous. I also did not want something that was “poofy”, princessy, or cupcakey. The concept I had in mind was an etheral/vintage vibe that had a pinch of gatsby with a fit that complimented by figure without being over the top. This was the only dress I had planned to try on and I didn’t even hesitate to move to another store to continue dress trying. Once it was zipped, that was it. Game over. I literally bought it that day, no questions asked. The ladies at Rosa Clara were amazing and the experience was absolutely amazing!

For my overall hair and makeup look, I wanted to feel as natural as possible but with enough umph to leave Adrian speechless…and he indeed was! For my hair, I wanted something my hair down and natural with a style that kept hair away from my face but complimented the theme of our wedding. Georgette knew exactly what to do and I let her have free reign with the style. She kept my hair with a natural wave and added a waterfall braid that lead to a rose-like bun & wow, she left me (and everyone) speechless with her creation. She’s awesome! Anais added a dramatic tone to my eyes by adding eyeliner on both top and bottom lids, which was a nice touch to the neutral tones of the rest of my makeup look.

My Look: Dress by Rosa Clara | Veil by Rosa Clara | Shoes by Jerome C. Rousseau | Vintage Sapphire Ring | Custom Earrings | Hair Chain (DIY) | Mrs. Artidiello Hanger (This was a gift, but it was purchased on Etsy)

Hair by Georgette, Miami Beauty Agency

Makeup by Anais Guerra, Makeup by Anais

Photography by Shea Christine

Florals by Julia Rohdes Designs


Adrian’s Look: Custom Made Shirt & Tuxedo | Custom Made Bow Tie by Isa Alessandra, Beaux | Shoes by Hugo Boss | Watch by Stuhrling


Next up “Wedding Week: The Ceremony”