November 11, 2017


The look in the sky and the feel of the air has already changed, you can tell *fall* is here. As November has quickly arrived, to say the least…I sit here in my bed thinking about the year behind me. This time of the year brings on a lot of reflection and goal setting for the new year.

It’s 2am right now and me being awake is a rare sight. But, there was just something inside me that woke me up and pushed me to be a bit vulnerable here on my blog. It’s been months since I’ve logged in and updated my site, but it is such a great relief to note these feelings down. I miss being on here…

When I closed the store in January, I’ll be honest – I cried a lot. A combination of fear of the unknown mixed with a lot of self doubt and worry. Even though I wasn’t walking into the dark with nothing ahead of me, I saw it as yet another big change in my life and it put me through this spiral of emotions I didn’t know when I’d come out of it. I wondered if I could be successful, happy, and strong enough to break barriers and set myself apart from the rest. Fear can be such an ugly thing. But, I was able to push through (thank God) and looking back at it now it was a great resting period for me to shed some emotional and physical baggage before entering a new adventure. And really, just rely on God and what he was calling me to.

I was able to come into this new-er role with a clear mind, new concepts and ideas, overwhelming creative inspiration, and a whole lotta faith.

It reminds me of a caterpillar to butterfly metamorphis. A caterpillar, born small, needing to feed quickly in order to grow as much as it can – but, still without wings. Yet once it goes into its cocoon phase, the intense transformation it goes through is miraculous and, if lucky, results in a beautiful butterfly.

A lot of transformation and obstacles have happened this year, but so have a lot of blessings and opportunities too. I believe I have my wings now and into a really good groove. I know that can come off as really cliche, but I’m really happy where I’m at right now. Am i content? Never. I’m always hungry for more. But am I happy? Incredibly and really looking forward to the holidays. My favorite time of the year.

Side note: for those of you who don’t know what I’m up to these days – I’ve transitioned Spin Gallery from it’s pop-up retail days to a content creation agency. We work with multiple brands on their overall creative direction, social media strategy, brand personality and identity (and more). On our free time, when we’re not creating content for these brands – we get to have some extra fun and build our personal portfolio.

All photos in this post are from a recent shoot I did for Spin Gallery | You can see more of what I’ve been up to on our instagram page @SpinGallery or our website,

Outfit details: Sweater, Pants, Boots all from H&M.



June 23, 2017

Summer Ready with dbrie

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there’s something about star prints that get you ready for summer. the instant feeling of being at the beach, late night bbq with your friends. and of course, fourth of july.

shop my summer time look: hat x swimsuit (check out dbrie’s other star print options, here)

towel & sunnies are old school Spin Gallery

June 5, 2017

Cabin Fever

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Being a “work-from-home” kind of mom, you sometimes run in to a Cabin Fever situation. Every so often, especially when the weather is cooperative, Axel and I head out the door to the nearest park for some time away from work and enjoy the fresh air. There are so many different kinds of parks close to where we live, it’s usually a quick power walk or drive away.

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

i’m wearing: Pink Blush Jumpsuit | Thrifted Camo Jacket | Target Sneakers

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

He’s in the stage where he wants to feel everything around him. It’s so fun to watch him run his fingers through the grass and look back at me with the biggest smile.

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was on the hunt for the perfect car seat + stroller duo that would be safe + functional. The Cybex Cloud Q was at the top of our list and honestly has been one of the most used products we own. I’m always on the go, so the Cybex Cloud Q car seat and stroller go with me too. And it won at all of my special requests.

1. SAFETY – It comes with two amazing safety features which keep me sane and concentrated on driving, instead of worrying about the nugget in the back seat. Telescopic Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) quickly absorbs side-impact forces and channels them through the flexible, EPS energy absorbing foam-lined shell – I never close the door without pulling this bar out. Also, at the base of the car seat in the car, theres a Load Leg that keeps the car seat in place if God forbid we get into a car accident. I’m telling you, this is awesome for peace of mind.

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

2. FUNCTIONAL enough where I could easily bring Axel with me anywhere: from a meeting, to the park or even a quiet dinner at our favorite local pasta spot and not lose points in the Cool Mom category. It easily clicks into our stroller base, so I don’t have to worry about the fuss of switching him into a stroller seat – especially when I’m in a hurry.

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

3. (Bonus Points) COMFORTABLE – I wish this thing came in my size. His car seat has a full reclining position when outside of the car which is the best thing to take advantage of when out at a restaurant and he’s a bit sleepy. #naptimeisthebesttime Where’s my nap?

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

Ashley Sixto Artidiello Cybex Cloud Q

So when Cybex reached out to me recently to talk about my experience with the Cloud Q, there was no hesitation on my part. If you know me, you know I’m always raving about this car seat and it’s awesome features. Plus, we get stopped all the time to ask where it’s from because of it’s really awesome and sleek armadillo-like canopy. 

Thank you to CYBEX for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.

May 23, 2017

my very first mother’s day

this year has been pretty fantastic so far, and summer hasn’t even started. I know it’s been a while since I last updated you guys here on my blog and a lot has happened: my business model has shifted – expanded my creative boundaries – learning everyday on what #MOMLIFE is all about – and just enjoying what’s ahead of me.


this past month I celebrated my very first mother’s day.

Axel (aka Mookie) is the best sidekick and he made me A MOM. if you follow me on instagram, you can definitely see what a character he is. being a mom is honestly the best thing I’ve ever been (also, the hardest) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. it may sound very cliche, but it’s the truth. it was really exciting to be celebrated this past mother’s day and enjoy my family.


we hung out by the pool, bbq’d, played dominoes, drank wine and enjoyed plenty of laughs.

a big thanks to for sending me this amazing dress. I felt so beautiful, comfortable and soo happy to be wearing my old belt (which I hadn’t been able to wear since pre-pregnancy – score!) I paired it with sneakers, a leather wrap belt and some layered gold jewelry.




I wish I would’ve heard about this online shop while I was pregnant. They have some of the cutest Maternity clothing options and their prices are totally affordable, too! I also got this striped open shoulder mini dress to add to my summer wardrobe. It’s lightweight, airy and black and white (can’t go wrong with that).



Check them out at


January 18, 2017


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a letter from ashley, the spin gal:

2016 was crazy and it was awesome. it was everything I wanted it to be.

What I sought out to do this year, became much more than I could ever imagine it to. I set specific goals for myself personally and for my business and I’m proud to say I kicked all those goals in the butt.

Spin Gallery x Wynwood was opened in January 2016 as a pop-up experiment intended on creating brand awareness, developing a lifestyle surrounding the Spin Gal and presenting new and creative social media + marketing techniques.

I created, The Spin Gal. But really, it was always you. I just pushed you to let go of your boundaries and get creative with your style with the clothing we offered at our shop. And to see how you made Spin Gallery yours was my favorite part of it all.

I was able to ride the crazy train for a year: surpass financial goals, become part of the growing community Wynwood, hire talented people (Becca, thank you!) and work with other creatives and I was absolutely blown away with what these relationships turned out to be. We created our own product, RE/Spin was born….and speaking of births, AXEL was born. In the midst of all of it and that itself, this past year has been an amazingly turbulent and fun whirlwind.

Spin Gallery, as it currently exists, will be changing. We won’t be focused on retail anymore.  Rather focusing on what my true passions are, lifestyle development and branding. Spin Gallery x Wynwood was a case study of sorts… always part of a larger picture. Spin has always been a venue to express myself creatively and I was able to make it a venue to put my passions of styling and marketing together.

This new Spin Gallery will be focused on working with other companies and brands to achieve their branding and lifestyle goals through creative consulting, curating new social media + marketing strategies as well as art direction, calligraphy and more.

I am really excited (and sad at the same time) to share this news with you all. a personal and enormous THANK YOU to all our customers and Spin Gals. WOW. The unending support and love you have shown us this past year has been unbelievable.

we already have a few partnerships lined up and in the works, which we will be sharing with you in the near future. we are really excited for this new venture and where it will take us next.

on that note, let’s get this party started.

Spin Gallery x Wynwood’s last day will be January 29th. Come stop by, give us a goodbye hug and leave with a cool outfit too.