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15 thoughts on “Contact

  1. ava rene clark

    I’m really enjoying your blog and I wanted to share some of my recent discoveries in Washington, DC (maybe they’re even worth blogging about on your site!).

    Kalivoda (clothing and accessories designer, and sometimes textile designer!)

    Kajs (jewelry sculptor!)

    Little by DM (graphic designer and streetwear brand)

    Ava C.

  2. Andrea Miranda

    Ash, just got a chance to look at this and I’m SO proud of you! This is SO you, ever since I can remember I was always trying on stuff in your closet and swapping different pieces of clothes and shoes and even during my knee surgery you helped me look stylish. Keep it up šŸ™‚ and lets go thrift shopping together, I want an 8 dollar hermes too!!!! Love ya!!!!!


  3. Natalie

    Hey missy!

    Great job on the blog. I wanted to find out where I could get an affordable oversized sweater that would look good on a fuller figure. I love the sweater/legging look for fall. And I can’t seem to find a cute one.


  4. Andrea Marie Roca

    Dear Ashley,

    I would love it if you created a post helping the less fortunate shoppers ( like me) a crash course in online shopping? What are your favorite sites? Which ones are trust worthy? Which has the best prices?


    Andrea <3


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