January 18, 2017


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a letter from ashley, the spin gal:

2016 was crazy and it was awesome. it was everything I wanted it to be.

What I sought out to do this year, became much more than I could ever imagine it to. I set specific goals for myself personally and for my business and I’m proud to say I kicked all those goals in the butt.

Spin Gallery x Wynwood was opened in January 2016 as a pop-up experiment intended on creating brand awareness, developing a lifestyle surrounding the Spin Gal and presenting new and creative social media + marketing techniques.

I created, The Spin Gal. But really, it was always you. I just pushed you to let go of your boundaries and get creative with your style with the clothing we offered at our shop. And to see how you made Spin Gallery yours was my favorite part of it all.

I was able to ride the crazy train for a year: surpass financial goals, become part of the growing community Wynwood, hire talented people (Becca, thank you!) and work with other creatives and I was absolutely blown away with what these relationships turned out to be. We created our own product, RE/Spin was born….and speaking of births, AXEL was born. In the midst of all of it and that itself, this past year has been an amazingly turbulent and fun whirlwind.

Spin Gallery, as it currently exists, will be changing. We won’t be focused on retail anymore.  Rather focusing on what my true passions are, lifestyle development and branding. Spin Gallery x Wynwood was a case study of sorts… always part of a larger picture. Spin has always been a venue to express myself creatively and I was able to make it a venue to put my passions of styling and marketing together.

This new Spin Gallery will be focused on working with other companies and brands to achieve their branding and lifestyle goals through creative consulting, curating new social media + marketing strategies as well as art direction, calligraphy and more.

I am really excited (and sad at the same time) to share this news with you all. a personal and enormous THANK YOU to all our customers and Spin Gals. WOW. The unending support and love you have shown us this past year has been unbelievable.

we already have a few partnerships lined up and in the works, which we will be sharing with you in the near future. we are really excited for this new venture and where it will take us next.

on that note, let’s get this party started.

Spin Gallery x Wynwood’s last day will be January 29th. Come stop by, give us a goodbye hug and leave with a cool outfit too.


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