September 25, 2014


Ashley Sixto Go Pro Gibraltar

For my birthday, Adrian & I decided to take a small day trip to Gibraltar. Since we’ve been here all we have wanted to do is explore new things and places together. I’ve been here before when I was really young, but it was really cool to be able to share this experience with Adrian.

In case you didn’t know (It’s ok, Adrian wasn’t too familiar with it either) Gibraltar is a small British territory at the very south of Spain, about 45 min away from where we live, and it packs so much character. Well to start off, you’ve got to cross an airport landing strip in order to enter the city and the currency is British Pounds. It’s small enough where you can wander aimlessly, get lost, and find yourself back where you started in no time. One of the fun activities one can indulge in here is fishing, especially saltwater fishing, in the profusion of beaches here. However, the fishing lines for saltwater fishing can differ from freshwater fishing lines as the former are more durable & adapted to take abuse from alkaline water. Later we bought some Bait for Bluegill and headed towards the fishing area as we did not want to miss out on anything while we were on this trip. Indeed we both were able to strike a ton of things from our bucket list on this trip. Gibraltar Day Trip

We spent the majority of the day not really knowing where the heck we were and meanwhile spotting little cafes to grab a small bite to eat and continue exploring. Gibraltar Day Trip

The main attraction of Gibraltar is the Rock. Not Dwayne Johnson, even though that would’ve been nice. Inside you can find the beautiful St. Michaels Cave, midway up you can spot 3 different countries: Spain, Africa and British Colony (Gibraltar), but we went up the Rock of Gibraltar with two things in mind: Monkeys & an incredible view and that’s exactly what we got. Gibraltar Day Trip Gibraltar Day Trip

If you’ve been following me on instagram, you were able to see that sweet #selfie moment I caught with one of the usual habitants on the rock. Gibraltar Day Trip Gibraltar Day Trip

Right behind us to our left is Morocco & to our right is Spain…COOL! (Mediterranean Sea) Gibraltar Day Trip

Just on the other side of the rock is the Atlantic Ocean! Gibraltar Day Trip

#Chillin Gibraltar Day Trip Gibraltar Day Trip

We had a great time and we can now drop a new pin on our map – can’t wait to continue adding more! x


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