September 24, 2013



[outfit: top, skirt, clutch, cuffs, shoes (similar)]


[outfit: blazer, jeans]


[outfit: sweater, pants, necklace (sold out)]


[outfit: top, jeans, ear cuff]


[outfit: sunglasses, earrings, dress]


[outfit: top, jeans, necklace (sold out), cuff, sunglasses]

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What does it all mean you ask?

So I challenged our Spinster/Intern/Fashion Braniac Isa (she’s got a blog which I’m sure you’ll absolutely LOVE) to put into words what our F13 collection was all about. The personality, the vision, everything & boy did she do some #werk.

Now that summer is over and weeks of cooler weather are ahead, it’s time to start doing it right. You’ve probably noticed a shift in Spin Gallery since you last shopped, and that’s because we are loading up our arsenal with one-of-a-kind pieces to equip you for fall. Winter Solstice is on September 22nd, and that’s no coincidence– you should be ready from the second the new season kicks off. Fall-ing also means taking chances: mixing prints, contrasting colors, and varying textures.

Don’t limit your bold choices to solely night outings, though; thread it through your everyday life. Make a statement at the grocery store. While stealing permanently borrowing an ice cream bar may not be your idea of “errands”, we bet you fantasize about working the aisles like a runway. Who said you have to wear pajamas to do laundry? If your idea self would wear florals and silver in the middle of the day, do it. We create our own rules, why shouldn’t you?

This was the whole mentality behind our Fall 2013 collection. Part of the beauty of fashion is wearing and loving on pieces and the test of a true stylist comes in their ability to dress one thing a million ways. If a blouse is left hanging limply on a hanger in hopes that there will be “a day” to wear it, where’s the fun? Forget the save-this-for-later thought process and take your favorites out often. Make everyday a Spin day. We hand-pick the best items for you, but it’s your job to make it all your own.

No matter who you were when the sun began heating up in May, it’s never too late to adopt a sleek Spin Gal mentality for the oncoming season. She doesn’t dress to please others, but to inspire herself. Go ahead, break the rules. Wear white after Labor Day and munch licorice on your way to dinner. We don’t care what you do; be beautiful, be Spin, and most importantly, be you.

The Spin Gal

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