September 17, 2012

today’s inspiration: delicate rings

I’ve been on the hunt for dainty, delicate rings and I’m not stopping until I’ve found my the perfect set! If you know where I can find some similar to these, let me know! I’d love to hear all of your suggestions 🙂

Here are a few on my wishlist/shopping list:

(the Ariel Gordon dual birthstone ring is by far my favorite one – this ring is a must-have for me and I’m definitely saving up for it.)


2 thoughts on “today’s inspiration: delicate rings

  1. Gabby T.

    I just saw your post about the small dainty rings and it just so happened I was at they have a few, especially the ones that only come down before your knuckles. Go check them out, my new obsession!! Your blog is pretty cool btw.


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