December 18, 2012

Arts n Crafts

I made this one for Adrian…

Adrian made this one for me…

So Adrian and I completed one of the easiest DIY projects, ever, last night. All you need are sharpies (or these Porcelaine 150 markers for a more “for sure” stick) and a set of plain mugs. Oh, and an oven too. Set it to 350 Degrees, create your masterpiece, pop ’em in the oven for about 30-35 minutes, let them cool and….VIOLA! Your own DIY custom mugs. Pretty cool huh? I must say, I love the ones we did. It was a great bonding time and such a cute, thoughtful gift.

They’re a great Christmas gift idea too!

(tools used: Porcelaine 150 Markers & Coffee Mugs via Target.)

Anybody notice the new header?

3 thoughts on “Arts n Crafts

  1. Scar

    They are super cute! love the idea and I am thinking of actually doing this on Christmas eve with my hubby…. And yes, I noticed the header! So proud of how far you’ve come girl! Congrats and Merry Christmas!!!

    1. Ash Post author

      Thank you Scar!!! Can’t wait to see how your mugs come out, send me some pictures when you do them! Hope you have a beautiful Christmas!! xoxo

  2. Sheryl

    So, I had seen this previously on Pinterest and ofcourse, I’m one of those “Pin now, do much much later!” girls, LOL! So, when I swa your post, you inspired me and I did 10 (yes, TEN) DIY mugs for my family! It was time consuming for me since I did so many but they come out amazing and everyone loved them! Couldn’t get enough of the two you and Adrian did, amazing!! Thanks for the extra push! =*


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