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November 29, 2012

RECAP: Thanksgiving

What I Wore: H&M Peplum Top + Leather Pants, Shoe Mint Heels

We DIY’ed funny photo booth props! This is always a fun project to work on for any kind of party.

Stella wasn’t too pleased that she wasn’t included in the family picture.

This is a Brie puff pastry I made. Check out the recipe here! (It was soooo good)

The food was delicious!

And we ended the evening by the fire reading different stories around the idea of Thanksgiving. (I read the story of the golf balls: “Jar of Life“) We also played a guessing game, where at the beginning of the night, we were all asked to write down a few things we were most thankful for this year (anonymously) and we all had to guess who it was.

Overall, the love and laughs shared throughout the entire night are ones I’ll never forget. This was a very special Thanksgiving.