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March 9, 2012

When Belts Become Bowties.

top: Thrift Find (I found a similar look at ASOS). jeans: Forever 21. heels: Topshop (sold out, but I’ve got my eye on other neon pairs here and here). purse: Zara. sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar).

Agh the fun times when belts get stolen from leopard jumpsuits (from the one I wore here) and become bow ties. It was a wild idea, but I went with it and loved every single bit of androgyny. However, I couldn’t let the crazy train take a stop there at my neck. I let it ride all the way down south of my ankles. The site of lucite and neon bring up the thought that this heel has distinct similarity to that of the infamous “dancer” heels. But oh, are these so far from it. It’s hard to say I haven’t been able to wear these many times, but I still glance at them from a distance in my closet and wonder when these babies will be taken out on the town. But alas, they’ve made their grand entrance. I think by now, you can clearly see the love obsession I have for shoes. I love ’em, what more can I say? Nothing.

January 23, 2012

tunics and such

tunics, cropped jeans, sperrys

When I don’t have the opportunity to shoot my outfits, I love to put them together on Polyvore. Today I decided to go with a sheer tunic (belted) cropped jeans, and my lovely metallic Sperry Top-Siders. It’s a perfect go-to outfit for the not-so-normal “winter” weather we experience here in Miami. Top it off with a pony tail and statement earrings and you’re ready to go. Hope you are all having a Happy Monday!