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April 24, 2012

Hair Regiment

The other day I was approached by a reader to post my hair regiment on the blog. I was so flattered! But here’s the thing…… I don’t have one. (insert: wide eyes and nervous laugh) No. For real, I don’t. I wish I was able to give you a real hair regiment, but instead this is all I’ve got.

I do have tips, products, and gizmos though —  if they weren’t in my life, my hair would be a DISASTER. So let’s begin.


I wash my hair with Redken All Soft shampoo/conditioner. *tip: I shampoo from root to tip and condition from tip to root* My hairdresser recommended some shears and nailkit of the same brand to me a few months ago. My hair isn’t normally dry or brittle, but with the avocado oils it’s given my hair an amazing shine and smoothness. After shampooing, I leave in the conditioner for a few minutes and brush my fingers through to remove any tangles.

During these summer rainy and hot days, I never leave the house without a dab of Moroccan oil in my hair. I use a nickel sized amount after I towel dry and after I blow-dry. It works miracles with the humidity. It’s like I have anti-moisture ninjas in my hair fighting it off. (Crazy, I know.)

Believe it or not, I’m a wash-n-go kind of gal. I don’t own a hair brush, only a round one for when I’m blow drying my hair. I’m currently using this brush, but I can’t wait to get my hands on this one. But when I do decide to take time from my busy schedule to do my hair:

I use the Chi Rocket dryer because of the heat and power it has. I have loads of hair to share with many, so I have to have a powerful dryer. To show you how great it is, with a hotel blowdryer it’ll take me about 2-3 hours; a $20 blow dryer you find at the convenient store – about an hour and a half; with this bad boy, about 30 minutes (and that’s including a few water breaks). I separate my hair into different chunks and dry it from bottom to top, leaving the crown of my head for last.

My flat iron is by HAI. As in …. HI THIS IS AMAZING. I found mine on eBay.

And when I want some vavavoom — I use a Revlon curling iron in the biggest size I could find (It’s sold here). I don’t use the clip and I also don’t have a new screwdriver to remove it, so I just wrap my hair all around it. I use large sections (starting from the bottom to the top) to create big loose waves, holding it around the iron for about 12-15 seconds. Hair spray is my sidekick when doing curls. I use: Professional by Nature’s Therapy freezing hair spray: extra firm hold. Everything the can reads is true. It does fight humidity! (For us Miamians, this is a necessity!)

….And there you have it! Now that I’ve really examined the regiment I do have, or lack there of, maybe it’s time to start looking into new products? We shall see… What products or tips do you use? I’d love to know!