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August 28, 2012

9 to 5 Inspiration (Fall Edition)

With the hurricane weather throughout the weekend, I had a lot of time to work on the blog, read the new September issues, begin Repurposed by Ashley Sixto’s Fall/Winter collection, and re-organize my new office space! (Oh, and celebrate my birthday too!)

But with starting my new job and the Fall creeping on us quicker than we think, I got to focusing on my 9 to 5 inspiration outfits. I work in a marketing firm, so the dress code is very business casual. It’s much more convenient to have this kind of dress code because you can always incorporate things already in your closet that can be used for weekend wear.

Here’s what has got my attention for the upcoming season:


(inspiration: image via pinterest.) top , belt , skirt , glasses – Forever 21. clutch – ASOS.


(inspiration: image via pinterest) jacket & top – Forever 21. skirt – Wallis. sunglasses – Target. clutch & heels – ASOS.


(inspiration: image via pinterest) top , scarf , purse , pumps , jeans – Forever 21.

9to5 inspiration

(inspiration: image via pinterest) gloves & leggings – Topshop. blouse , belt , boots – Forever 21. sweater – Urban Outfitters.

There’s so many more outfits that have me so inspired for my work-wear and fall wardrobe, can’t wait to start building! Check out my style boards on Pinterest.

January 26, 2012

DIY: Clothes Rack

It all started off with Pinterest. (It’s become a serious addiction people) The inspiration became an actually possibilty then turned into a trip to the local hardware where I bought the supplies and only spent less than $50. The price may not be accurate due to a love of candy at the register and a couple interior design magazines. Guilty, I know. Anyways……THEN, it was a reality. (More like a dream come true) I’ve always wanted a clothes rack in my room, but NEVER had the space for it until a little “feng-shui-ing” did the trick. This has to be one of the easiest projects ever. I think the hardest part is the drive to a hardware store, not even. I bought 3 pipes (3/4 in width is perfect for a standard hanger), 2 elbows, and 2 of those flat things to screw it to the ceiling. I think I might as well call ’em “feet”. Seems appropriate right? All you need to do is just screw all the stuff together and into the ceiling and VIOLA! You have a clothes rack! It’s so much more convenient to have this in my room especially when designating my outfits for the week. Plus, it adds that pop of color to my white walls.


[black wood hangers: IKEA. pipes & supplies: Home Depot]