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April 4, 2012

Style Challenge: Day One

Every now and then I challenge my wardrobe basics to create a few different looks. This week, I wanted to put together a casual, semi-casual, and an “I’m ready for a fun night out” look using the same basic pieces. It’s always cool to see how much you can maximize what you’ve got in your closet without having to go out and buy a whole new outfit. (I guess that’s the frugalista in me.)

Today’s look: Casual

Basics: Black Tee – Express & Coral Pants – H&M (similar in Seafoam)
Add ons: Old Navy Flats, Michael Kors Bag c/o the boyfriend, Karen Walker Sunnies, Michael Kors Watch, Varied bracelets, H&M gold hair tie.

This was such a fun project for Janelle (my photog and great friend) & I….Mainly because we got to spend some time at the county fair before it ended over the weekend. We couldn’t let it pass by without grabbing some Dippin’ Dots ice cream and take in all the different smells from the elephant ears and funnel cakes…mmmmm. YUM. Stay tuned for what’s next in the challenge.


p.s. Thanks Scar for helping out too!

February 17, 2012

Lessons in Layering: Miami Style.

step one: keep those feets warm. I’m a sock freak. It seems like I have a million pairs, all different colors and patterns. But I’m not as big of a fan like this guy: SOCKS.

step two: throw on a blazer, cause here in Miami there’s no need for coats. I love this blazer cause it’s the perfect match for any season. Now for the chilly weather, and with a tank and shorts in the Summer. Now, let’s focus our attention to those black hidden lapels. Aren’t they awesome? Goes great with a monochromatic look.

step three: It’s scaaaaarf time. Since I’m a girl who loves that pop of color, I couldn’t resist buying this scarf. Even though it’s not that cold here, it’s always good to keep a scarf handy. It’s less clunkier than a jacket.

step four: please put some shoes on.

step five: add your bling or start your arm [insert synonym to the word party here].

and KA-POW. you’re ready to take on the day…or night.

top: MRCY. jeans: H&M (Similar). blazer: Zara (Similar). scarf: Target (Similar). bracelet: Forever 21. watch: Michael Kors. rings: Assorted (old). purse: Michael Kors. studded boots: River Island.