August 1, 2018

august: a few things

it’s a new month. no time to look back on the “what ifs” and “should’ve dones” because that’s already passed and over. there is a new month ahead filled with new opportunities that could be even BIGGER and BETTER than what you imagined.

the start of the month can be one of two things: stressful or great. but it’s really all up to your perspective and which mindset you decide to move forward with.

now I’d like to start a mini series either at the end or beginning of each month to discuss “a few things” and they don’t always have to be so serious or so drab – I will write about certain trends, things i’ve experienced, etc. you catch the drift.

there are a few things i’ve learned in the last couple of weeks have really taken me to a new level of being still and being real. I wanted to come on here and share a few of these “lessons” because i’m sure there is someone out there who needs to hear about them too. so, here we go:

1 – Everything is going to be ok. Even when things seem like they are definitely not ok.

When you’re in the heat of the moment or with your head so far into the situation, there’s no way to see the bigger picture of things. Now, I don’t know what you’ve gone through lately – but this month really tested my patience and overall sense of stability. I’ve had to really just let go and let God do the work for me.

I’m going into this month with a fresh mindset, more positive. more optimistic. because I know, that everything is going to be ok.

I read the other day on a friends instagram page “water and wait” and it really struck home for me. here’s a snippet of it, because the readers digest version won’t give it the credit it deserves:

“…isn’t this life? Isn’t this at the core of what we do across all the pieces of our days and nights? As a designer, we design and edit and design again. And we wait. Wait on approvals. Permits. Contractors. As wives, we try to pour into our husbands. We pray for them. We love them. And we wait. As daughters of Christ, we water and wait. We digest the word. We pray big prayers. We wait. We wait for whispers, signs, loud voices, answered prayers. As leaders of people. We invest and train and educate and help our team. And we wait. For breakthroughs, for successful meetings, for growth. We water. And we wait. And perhaps we get tired in the waiting. We grow frustrated. We lose hope. Maybe a weed grows where the tomato plant was supposed to. Maybe. But when that first sprig of lush green delicious vine makes its appearance above the dirty soil, is there a better feeling? Perhaps living in the waiting is what we must get better at, knowing one day we will eat the most delicious caprese salad in all the land.”

So here I am at the beginning of August, in the “waiting” season – and being active and aware that it is something I must get better at and will get better at.

2 – Five years ago, Adrian asked me to marry him.

this morning I received a notification on my phone from Facebook Memories reminding me of this really happy moment. wow, five years. a lot has happened since that moment. really good things and really bad things – but at the end of the day, we’ve done those five years together. we’re about to bring in our second blessing to this world and it’s the fruit of all that sacrifice, love and perseverance to love each other each day.

marriage is hard people. and I’m not a life coach, marriage counselor or therapist for that matter – but one thing I know that has helped us each get through each day is to actively decide “i’m going to love you today, no matter what.” …no.matter.what.

3 – Double strollers are a very scary thing to me.

I don’t know why, they have literally never done anything to me. I have been doing so much research on which double stroller to buy with the family growing and haven’t found the right one yet. I have test driven a few options – and I think that’s it. In my mind, picturing now moving and grooving with two babies and being on the go. That picture in my head, is what’s scaring me. Can I do it? How will I make it work? *Smacks self in face* Of course I can. Of course I will. “Ashley, please refer to number one above.”

4 – Closet sales can be really exhilarating and fun.

I’m definitely “nesting” and cleaning out so much of my apartment – but it’s nice to clear out and start fresh. Highly recommend it.

5 – Life with a Nespresso machine is so much easier.

Ran out of coffee pods the other day and I have been so lazy in getting new ones, so I’ve been making cuban coffee the manual way the last couple of weeks. And even though my arm definition has gotten quite “better” and there is nothing like fresh “espumita” i’m very much over it and need my Nespresso alive and well again.

You don’t have one? Get one. Like, yesterday and then thank me later.

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