January 20, 2014

Love it. Buy it. Share it. Trace it.

Okay, so majority of you are here because 1. you love shopping 2. you love all the shopping I do. So what better way to introduce to you my new favorite app: Trace.

Trace is specifically designed for sharing all the things we shop, which is perfect for all of us…well…because…we love shopping. Listen ladies, the first step to recovery is acceptance.

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley and I’m a shopaholic. Guilty. So what? sue me.

Trace makes it a million times easier to scope out what my friends or favorite style influencers are buying and where from and perhaps make a similar shopping choice! So why not give it a try? It will only hurt your wallet, which I’m sure is already hurting.

Download the Trace App at http://bit.ly/1e8FPni & Follow me at @AshleySixto

Can’t wait to take you all on my fun shopping adventures via Trace! xx



P.S. Spin Gallery & Trace have teamed up to bring you the latest giveaway!

Win a $100 Spin Gallery Gift Card in just 3 easy steps. Contest ends this Wednesday! GOODLUCK!

Spin Trace Win

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