September 9, 2013

Splurge vs Steal (It’s Back!)

I know it’s been a whiiiiiiiiiile, but I’m back with a steal that will rock your world.

You can say that purses are a girls best friend or you can argue that shoes are the best/must-have thing in a woman’s closet. But in the end, you need both… so why debate? A purse is a carry all for your things that matter (and those that don’t) and for all your man’s stuff that he likes to sneak in there. A purse is a reflection of your personality and a harmonizing factor in your outfit. When it comes to purses, I’m a simple gal. I go for the statement pieces that I won’t have to switch up all the time and goes with anything and everything I wear (and fits my wallet, umbrella, camera, etc etc etc). I’ve sure had my eye on the Michael Kors Selma bag but I just couldn’t get around the price tag. So when Spin came out with their ultimate “it bag” for the fall I cracked. I wanted to buy all the colors. It’s a simple bag that packs a mean statement (AND it’s roomy). Blue is SUCH A HUGE COLOR this fall season and you can literally make it work with anything. Plus, at $42 you can’t go wrong. You just can’t.



Splurge: Michael Kors Selma Saffiano Tote VS Steal: Spin Gallery

Have an awesome Monday! xx

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