June 10, 2013

Who’s That Girl?


Spin Gallery bracelet & ring

For quite sometime I’ve been in the background and not being 100% with my biggest supporters. I’ve left some clues and hinted my way through, but never truly came out and told you.

I’m that girl. The Spin Gallery girl.

Wooh, there I said it!

You may have heard of Spin Gallery and you’ve seen me wear pieces from the store here on the blog, but where did it all come from? It first started in July of last year as a wild and crazy idea Adrian and I had. One thing led to the next and the ball started rolling. We officially incorporated July 4th of 2012. It will always be Independence day for many, but for us…it’s independence from the norm. There have been many sleepless nights, unending cups of coffee and lots of teeth grinding and hair pulling….but it feels so good to see the path that this crazy idea has led us down. Fortunate for one end, but unfortunate on my blogging end. I’ve been so busy building Spin that I’ve left AshleySixto.com hanging. But now that SpinGallery.com is looking so good (I’m biased, I know) and my name is attached, I can’t have my blog hanging no longer. So it’s time to dive in once again full force and bring this baby back to life. Hence, the brand new look! (Special thanks to my amazing friend Eddy – he’s the man for helping Adrian and I be able to see our vision come to life with the site).

Now…fast forward to this weekend:
I got together with my Spin Gallery team to shoot our newest collection: “Take Me Away” which is now available as of today!
[ Hair & Makeup: Miami Beauty Agency &  Photography: JHP Photography ]





[Part of] The final product: 


Quick little snippet of the answer to many people’s question: Why Spin Gallery?

I wanted to be able to create a platform where girls like you and I could find the fashion solutions to our endless worry of “what do I wear and how do I wear it?” I wanted to once and for all cure the disease of “IHAVENOTHINGTOWEARITIS”. Think of SpinGallery as the best friend you trust when you need a unique outfit.

It feels so good to be able to share this GINORMOUS piece of my life. I can’t wait to continue this journey with you…

Enjoy 10% off the store, on me! Use coupon code: ASHLEY10 at checkout (For today only)



2 thoughts on “Who’s That Girl?

  1. Tabby

    I stumbled across your website (and then IG) through your photographer and I absolutely love your style and posts. Also turns out, I used to go to church with you too before I moved to Chicago a few weeks ago.

    Best of luck on your endeavors. I love reading your blog and I hope spin gallery is very successful!

    Xo, Tabby

    1. Ash Post author

      Hi Tabby, this is so awesome to read! Thank you so much for your kind words. I have a friend that recently moved to Chicago as well, dying to visit! So funny how small the world is (or Miami we should say). Keep in touch! xo, Ashley


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