July 20, 2012

Splurge VS Steal: Zimmermann Bikini



splurge: Zimmermann vs steal: Target.

In light of this week’s Miami Mercedes-Benz Swim Fashion Week, today’s Splurge vs Steal is all about the bikini! Aside from whatever many people think of Target and their bikinis, I love them! They’re very affordable and up to the current trends… As you can see.

Now, are the Target bottoms more “full coverage” than most popular (expensive) brands? Yes, that’s why most of us women are willing to spend a little more cash to make sure our back end looks on point. But I’ve noticed that they’ve gotten a lot better with that. I’ve been able to find a few that don’t look like I’m wearing a diaper or make my butt disappear.

Living in a beachy city, you can never go wrong with “too many” bathing suits. So it’s a winning steal for me!


One thought on “Splurge VS Steal: Zimmermann Bikini

  1. christie

    splurge…. i think its disgusting that Target just rip off designer pieces. Its just as bad that you are promoting it.


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