March 22, 2012

bold colors, animal and floral prints, and black and whites.

Oh, the typical description of most things inhabiting my closet space. And after this week, the percentage only increases. Need to do some “spring cleaning” soon to make some space. Be excited…this only means I’ll probably be selling some of my closet and it’s your chance to have a piece of me in your life. Lovely, I promise. Here’s a few things I picked up this week that will make me closer to being a broke city chick.

recent purchases

H&M Belt, Pants, Blouse, and Flower Pin. Zara Heels. Forever 21 B/W Trench.

5 thoughts on “bold colors, animal and floral prints, and black and whites.

  1. Sheryl

    Ash!!! I’ve meaning to ask you, how do you purchase H&M merchandise? Last time I checked they still don’t ship in the US =(

    1. Ash Post author

      Hi Sheryl, I make the trip to the H&M in West Palm Beach. But good news! They’re opening up an H&M this fall at Lincon Road. 😉 XO, Ash


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