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May 3, 2012


yes, inside that pretty little folder holds the proof of all my hard work for the past 4 years.

yes, that is a sombrero on the top of my cap.

And now, enough of all the mushy “I graduated!” pictures. Here comes the good stuff.

BAM. I’m ridiculously sassy. Watch me undress in the least flattering way.

I’m wearing a Fashion Star for H&M Dress and UrbanOg.com heels.

Bet you wouldn’t believe me when I say I spent less than $50 on my whole outfit!

And as the cap says, it’s time to party! As most of you know (well, now all of you know) I’m officially a college graduate! Other than making it across the stage without falling, my favorite part of the night was getting to my boyfriend’s house and being surprised with a DELICIOUS dinner party with family and friends! It was such a special and eventful night.

It all hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m sure it will smack me across the face one of these days when I no longer have to rush to register for classes, find parking on campus, or stack up sleepless nights for an important deadline. Agh, what a feeling. I cannot wait to see what I have in store for my future. For now, it’s time to enjoy my new job and my new found free time, now it’s time for all of you newly registered college students to start that wonderful college life. It won’t be easy but it’s definitely not impossible if you set your priorities straight, the only struggle i really had was paying off my classes, but thankfully I was eligible for graduate student loans the last few years of college and I was able to complete my dream.

here are a few pics I snapped while at the ceremony via instagram: