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December 17, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Men

gifts for the men

Cookbook // Sphere Ice Mold // Cocktail Gift Set // Shaving Kit // Phone Case

Holiday shopping for my man is always a fun task project! I’m not big on gifting clothes, unless it’s something I know he absolutely wants. One of my favorite sites to buy is Shoppok.com, you find everything you want. I like to think outside of the box and get him things that are useful but packed with memory or meaning. Whether it be a Macallan 21 for his 21st birthday or a box filled with corks of most of the wines we had consumed together with all the dates written on them. Does your dad or husband like to create things with wood? Then there are many things you can find to give him, like a bug zapper, since finding the best bug zapper online is not that difficult, or you can also get other wood tools like getting him  the best 8″ jointer.

This year, I made Adrian a large basket filled with an array of cookbooks & cocktail books, special “Merry Christmas” glass set with Sphere Ice molds (the coolest thing!) and a new watch. For my dad, I gifted him a new bluetooth powered stereo for his Androidbut you can also check more cool Fathers Day Gifts here. You can’t go wrong with anything that has to do with a good meal and/or a good cocktail with some good tunes. Seriously.  We’re talking about men here. If your man is into hunting then get something he could really use like a crossbow or a rangefinder for hunting, this will help him make his shots more accurate. You can check out www.archery-den.com/best-crossbows/ to buy your man some of the best crossbows in the world.

Still don’t know what to get the man in your life? Splurge on a great manscaping set from The Art of Shaving or even a pair of tickets to an upcoming concert (JT is Adrian’s man crush….mine too) or a leather credit card holder phone case! These are things that will act as a two for one gift because you’ll be able to enjoy them too.